Find of the Year: Original CCMC LPs Discovered

Last winter we contacted Jonny Dovercourt from the estimable Music Gallery in Toronto about reissuing LPs they released in the 70’s under the Music Gallery Editions (MGE) imprint. Jonny was very enthusiastic about the idea and we agreed that the best place to start would be with the CCMC LPs which are both incredible and criminally unavailable. On our behalf he started contacting the members of CCMC to gather blessings for the project and to locate the master tapes. Not only did we receive enthusiastic approval, but Michael Snow took us by complete surprise and asked us if we’d be interested in distributing the boxes of original CCMC LPs that had been sitting in his basement for over 30 years. It was hard to believe – these LPs had been on our ‘want-lists’ for ages and the prospect of even coming across one copy of these LPs seemed bleak, and suddenly we ended up with boxes full of these historical monsters, fresh as the day they came off the factory line.


AND now we have the pleasure and great honor of sharing these masterpieces with the world!


Check out the release pages for more info and to listen to sample clips.


CCMC Vol 4 – Free Soap (MGE 31)

CCMC Vol 5 – Without A Song (MGE 22)

Larry Dubin & CCMC – 3 LP Set (MGE 15)


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