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Classic Beppe Loda Mixes Re-issued on Invisible City Editions

We are very proud to be doing exclusive distribution of these 2 fundamental re-issues by Invisible City Editions!


These recordings are from legendary cassettes recorded by pioneering DJ Beppe Loda in the Typhoon Club (Gambara, Italy) in 1986. He recorded several cassettes in the notorious Elettronica Meccanica style, which is an experimental mixing style that combines proto-industrial, early European electronic and sideways new-wave to tell the story of Beppe’s experiences working in a zipper factory.



ICE-001 (limited edition of 100)




ICE-002 (limited edition of 100)



Rudolf Bardot – Inneren Frieden

Pan dimensional kosmische bliss from Rudolf Bardot. Inneren Frieden is a one hour extract taken from the four hour ‘Children of the Stars’ meditation cycle. As the guru Bardot puts it “The music is intended as a celestial handrail to ascend the cosmic staircase”. Highly recommended for astral headphone travelers everywhere.





Preview Inneren Frieden

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Download Rudolf Bardot Inneren Frieden mp3 $7.99


The Shaw Institute’s Analog Synthesizer Studies

We are very excited about the upcoming release by The Shaw Institute, especially after seeing these videos. The album is a deep excursion into the analog unknown, each piece exploring the sonic characteristics and capabilities of one analog synthesizer.


Various Roland Juno 60 chords are being sent to the Doepfer A 119 module and then shaped and processed through the A121 Multi Mode Filter, which in turn is being modulated by the A 115 Sequencer.


Korg MS 20 and MS 50 are being triggered by SQ 10. The SQ 10 has a cycle of 8
notes, each time the sequencer returns to the beginning of it cycle, a trigger is sent to the sample and hold and selects a new random key to play in.


Two sequencer lines are being sent from the Doepfer A 115 sequencer, to the Roland System 100 with the addition of one System 100 overdub for the space sound effects. This piece is dedicated to Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh, Philip Oakey, Adrian Wright

Ubu Web Electronic Music Resource

The ever-giving UBU Web has added a fantastic new section with books, articles, periodicals, interviews and even patents devoted to electronic music. Worth checking out for the scans of Electronic Music Review alone. Check it out here.


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